Please help me

So you just created an account and it does not work as it should? If you follow the list of checks on this page most problems can be resolved within a short time.

Blog and Twitter

We try to do our best to provide you with a service that is available 24/7. But we have to do maintenance of the infrastructure or fight off problems that pop up every now and then. The best way to rule out that your problem is not caused by us is to check our blog or follow us on Twitter. If something is wrong we keep you informed about it!

Verify your settings

Always make sure that your user name and your password are correct. Verify your password by logging into your account on our website. Once logged in check if your account is active. If it still does not work use one of the available guides to check your configuration.

Login and authentication problems

Make sure you are not connected with another device to the same VPN server pool.

The stalled session timeouts for the supported VPN protocols are:

  • OpenVPN via UDP: 45 seconds
  • OpenVPN via TCP: instantly
  • PPTP: 5 minutes

Read the FAQ

So you are sure that your settings are correct but it still does not work. Maybe you see a cryptic error message, the VPN only works some times, or some other annoying error occurs. In that case the FAQ might offer some insight into what is going on and how the problem can be resolved.

Contact the support

You did all of the above but it is still not working? Then the time has come to contact us. You can use our Help Wizard to report a problem. Please note that you must be logged in in order to use the wizard.

You can also visit our online support channel at If you decide to stop by make sure to wait a moment until a staffer is available.

If you need to provide our staff with a log output or a screenshot please do not gift any paste-bin provider and their third parties with your sensitive information but rather use our anonymous pastebin.