IPredator is incorporated in Cyprus. The service is basically a Swedish broadband prepaid flatrate offered over the Internet. This means that the legal framework mainly consists of the Electronic Communications Act 2003 389.

What happens if:

  • Swedish authorities,
  • the MAFIAA,
  • other organizations,
  • or individuals

demand access to information protected by IPredator?

IPredator VPN service enjoys the strongest legal protection possible under Swedish Law, because it is a prepaid, flatrate service. This means that IPredator does not have to maintain the usual customer databases to correlate your data. This is important if we are forced to hand over information about you to the Swedish authorities.

If Swedish authorities can prove beyond reasonable doubt, e.g. in murder cases or serious fraud, that they have a case for demanding subscription information from IPredator they have to be of the opinion that if convicted the user will be imprisoned - a fine is not enough.

IPredator then has to hand over the subscription information entered by you, which is all that we are required to do. IPredator does not store any subscription information about you except what you entered when signing up for the service. We minimize the use of logs within our systems and only grant access to them to a selected number of staff for debugging when service quality is an issue.

Regarding inquires from other parties than Swedish authorities: IPredator will never hand over any kind of information.

For more information about Swedish Telecom Law please read:

The Electronic Communications Act 2003:389

A legal canary is available here: canary.txt